All our shows and events are in our Spare Room unless stated otherwise. You will never have to pay a cover to enter the main bar or bowling alley.


All shows and events


9pm $5 unless otherwise stated

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  • longnails.jpg
    Thursday 5/21
    Shalom, Cheeky, Long Nails

  • Text.
    Friday 5/22
    Eleanor, Beach Craft Bonanza, Young Marshall, Night Screams

  • IMG_20120512_205413.jpg
    Saturday 5/23
    The Pleasure Industry, Johns, Feverer

  • IMG_20120512_205413.jpg
    Thursday 5/28
    Wicked Kind, Tape Deck Mountain, Pope, All People

  • electricmess.jpg
    Friday 5/29
    The Electric Mess, The Rats, The Nuclears

  • IMG_20120512_205413.jpg
    Saturday 5/30
    Sam Mickens & The Starjammers, Christy & Emily, KATIEE

  • IMG_20120512_205413.jpg
    Northside Festival Thursday 6/11
    $8 Cover
    Tall Juan, Johnny Aries, Sharkmuffin, Ludlow Ejacula, Britanys, Whitewash

  • IMG_20120512_205413.jpg
    Northside Festival Friday 6/12
    Dead Stars, Slonk Donkerson, Crazy Pills, Bodega Bay, Bluffing, No Ice

  • IMG_20120512_205413.jpg
    Northside Festival Saturday 6/13
    Nevada Nevada,  Alyson Greenfield, Gypsy George, KINSEY, Autumn Walls City Falls

  • IMG_20120512_205413.jpg
    Northside Festival Sunday 6/14
    Haybaby, Whiskey Bitches, MPHO, Michi Kusa

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